Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Writer's Remorse

   It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who cringes when I reread  some of the things I’ve written.    Fortunately, with blogging I can delete or edit,  but that doesn’t help those  who already read it.     Some  blog posts go immediately into  the subscriber’s feed  which can be embarrassing when I accidently post something I'm still working on.    Then there’s those times I schedule something the night before and   wake up the next  morning  with  that sinking feeling in my stomach….. whaaaat was I thinking!     Someone probably even noticed  I shortened the title of this post today. 
  Robert has  a box of old sermon notes he shudders to think about.      When he preached  on 2 Timothy 3:16  recently he told about how as a young pastor in his 30’s he changed his view on the sovereignty of God in election.    God’s word  is  continually active   in our instruction, reproof,  and training  in righteousness,  and  also  in   our correction.     The Scriptures are immeasurably  deep and wide  and  we will never achieve  some sort of theological  Nirvana this side of glory.   We are always in need of correction on some point or another. 
  Arthur Pink   later  changed  his opinion regarding  two of his early books on eschatology,  “The Redeemer’s Return”  and  “The Antichrist”.      Toward the end of his life he wrote to a young pastor these words of encouragement:
“’If any man think that he knoweth anything, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know’ (I Cor. 8:2).   To the very end of his earthly pilgrimage the best instructed Christian has reason to pray, ‘That which I see not teach thou me’ (Job 34:32).  Even the theologian and the Bible-teacher is but a learner and like all his companions in the school of Christ acquires his knowledge of the truth gradually—‘here a little, there a little' (Isa. 28:10).  He too advances slowly, as one great theme after another is studied by him and opened up to him, requiring him to revise or correct his earlier apprehensions and adjust his views on other portions of the truth, as fuller light is granted him on any one branch thereof….
The men who have been most used of God in the feeding and building up of his people were not thoroughly furnished for their work at the outset of their careers, but only by dint of prolonged study did they make progress in their own apprehension of the truth."1 


1. “The Life of Arthur W. Pink by Iain Murray;  Banner of Truth Trust; 2004; pg. 287-88
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  1. If Pink ended up changing his mind, I don't feel so bad about. :)

    Seriously my view of God's sovereignty and the will of man certainly underwent a revision. I'm glad God keeps us in the truth so we hold fast to what is right and learn to let go of what might be wrong.

  2. Sometimes it's not so much about changing my mind as it is discovering the truth about something and realizing that what I had believed was wrong. My mind is changed, but it's more than changing my mind about one optional belief over another. Does that make sense?

  3. I love this!!! One more reason to keep a humble and teachable spirit at all times. How I need this kind of reminders!


  4. @ Persis - It's no secret that I love Pink, but I'm still sorting through where he finally landed on some things. For instance, he believed in a trichotomy, which I don't believe in - He also believed in two natures, but not two natures in the way we think of it today as a separate new entity being added to our being.

    @ Rosemary - makes perfect sense considering the purpose of God's word is to change the heart and not merely the intellect.

  5. Because I'm a writer by trade (and a very opinionated one at that!), I can certainly agree with this post. I also cringe at some of the things I wrote in the past even though at the time I believed it was truth. So glad for God's grace and his instruction as I continue to grow in my faith! And also along this line of thought, last Friday I shredded my journals. Yes, I did. They served a purpose over the decades for me to vent my feelings and thoughts, but they weren't the legacy I wanted to leave my kids. They didn't reflect who I am now or my walk with the Lord now. I guess sorting through all my mother-in-law's things recently made me aware that anything can happen at any time and if it happened sooner than later, anyone could read those journals. I have absolutely no regrets and am actually relieved to have done it.

  6. @ Becky - Amen sister!!

    @ Cindy- you are on a downsizing roll! I've only got journals from jr. high - and that would be really scary except but for the fact I wrote in code so my parents wouldn't know what I was up to! Wicked me.

  7. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, printed the blog post that got deleted....ah,but you know that already, Diane ;) Still having to keep my eyes on Him, and trust Him all the way as He leads me ever upwards, opening my eyes to see more clearly all the time. God forbid I ever think I've got there until I see Him face to face! Love to you!


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