Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Psalter

   Last week  Kim Shay started a discussion on Facebook  about  singing the  Psalms which brought to mind  some poignant memories of Robert's first senior pastorate.     Barely 30 yrs old,  my husband’s ministry was beset with a serious sin problem involving  the  leadership.     This was devastating to   our  congregation   and we all needed  as much of God’s  Word as we  could get  so for a time we set aside our hymnbooks and contemporary Maranatha praise music and used only this  old Psalter.   What better way to encourage a disheartened group of saints  and memorize Scripture than to make a steady diet of the Psalms in our corporate worship!

   A Psalter is defined by Merriam Webster as  “the Book of Psalms;  also :  a collection of Psalms for liturgical or devotional use”,  and there are many churches today who love to use them.   Here’s some suggestions found on Kim’s post and elsewhere.

Here's one of my very favorites from The Sons of Korah
 Psalm 139

Have a Blessed Lord's Day!
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