Friday, July 5, 2013

Guarding Your Heart # 1

“Now the end of the commandment is charity (love) out of a pure heart,
and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned”  1Timothy 1:5
A Good Conscience
Arthur W. Pink
   "The “commandment” is the same as the “holy commandment” of 2 Peter 2:21, namely, the Gospel, as including the Moral Law, which enjoined perfect love both to God and to our neighbour. The “end” or design—that which is enjoined and whose accomplishment is prompted thereby—is love.   But spiritual “love” can only proceed from “a pure heart,” that is, one which has been renewed by grace, and thereby delivered from enmity against God (Rom 8:7) and hatred against man (Tit 3:3), and cleansed from the love and pollution of sin.   Spiritual “love” can only proceed out of a “good conscience,” that is, a conscience which has been made tender and active by grace, which has been purged by the blood of Christ, and which sedulously avoids all that defiles it and draws away from God; its possessor being influenced to act conscientiously in the whole of his conduct.   It is solemn to note that those who “put away” a good conscience soon make “shipwreck of the faith” (1Ti 1:19)."


Excerpts from the writings of AW Pink’s Study in the Scriptures series:  “Heartwork” published  in 1933.
Guarding You Heart  was compiled and produced to be freely shared by the generous ministry of Chapel Libary
© Copyright 2006 Chapel Library; Pensacola, Florida. Published in the USA.

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jean said...

A good conscience is one of the nicest blessings from the Lord.

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