Sunday, April 15, 2012

A SUNDAY PSALM: The Treasury of David ~ Psalm 3:7-8

"Arise, O Lord! Save me, O my God! 
 For you strike all my enemies on the cheek;
you break the teeth of the wicked.  
Salvation belongs to the Lord; your blessing be on your people! 
Psalm 3:7-8

Verse 7. His only hope is in his God, but that is so strong a confidence, that he feels the Lord hath but to arise and he is saved. It is enough for the Lord to stand up, and all is well. He compares his enemies to wild beasts, and he declares that God hath broken their jaws, so that they could not injure him;

Thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly. Or else he alludes to the peculiar temptations to which he was then exposed. They had spoken against him; God, therefore, has smitten them upon the cheek bone. They seemed as if they would devour him with their mouths; God hath broken their teeth, and let them say what they will, their toothless jaws shall not be able to devour him. Rejoice, O believer, thou hast to do with a dragon whose head is broken, and with enemies whose teeth are dashed from their jaws!

Verse 8. This verse contains the sum and substance of Calvinistic doctrine. Search Scripture through, and you must, if you read it with a candid mind, be persuaded that the doctrine of salvation by grace alone is the great doctrine of the word of God:

Salvation belongeth unto the Lord.  This is a point concerning which we are daily fighting. Our opponents say, "Salvation belongeth to the free will of man; if not to man's merit, yet at least to man's will;" but we hold and teach that salvation from first to last, in every iota of it, belongs to the Most High God. It is God that chooses his people. He calls them by his grace; he quickens them by his Spirit, and keeps them by his power. It is not of man, neither by man; "not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy." May we all learn this truth experimentally, for our proud flesh and blood will never permit us to learn it in any other way. In the last sentence the peculiarity and speciality of salvation are plainly stated:

Thy blessing is upon thy people. Neither upon Egypt, nor upon Tyre, nor upon Nineveh; thy blessing is upon thy chosen, thy blood bought, thine everlastingly beloved people.
Selah: lift up your hearts, and pause, and meditate upon this doctrine.

"Thy blessing is upon thy people."

Divine, discriminating, distinguishing, eternal, infinite, immutable love, is a subject for constant adoration.  Pause, my soul, at this Selah, and consider thine own interest in the salvation of God; and if by humble faith thou art enabled to see Jesus as thine by his own free gift of himself to thee, if this greatest of all blessings be upon thee, rise up and sing --
"Rise, my soul! adore and wonder!
Ask, `O why such love to me?'  Grace hath put me in the number Of the Saviour's family: Hallelujah! Thanks, eternal thanks, to thee!"

From The Treasury of David by Charles Spurgeon

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Mrs.C said...

I love reading Spurgeon. I love how he spurs our hearts on, to relish in the grace God has poured out on us, in saving us. Thanks for posting this!

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