Saturday, November 19, 2011

Women Of The Reformation Series

"The sun never shone on a nobler band of women than those who labored in the Reformation. There is little need of literary embellishment, their sublime faith and heroic deeds throw a halo of glory around them, and they stand with the Master on the mount of transfiguration.   The simple story of their unselfish lives comes to us across the centuries with power and pathos to stir the dullest heart to sentiments of gratitude and veneration. Remarkable alike for their great personal charms, extraordinary leadership, masterly mental powers, sublime heroism, and entire consecration to God and humanity, the women of the sixteenth century have never been equaled. – Mrs. Annie Wittenmeyer (1) 

    October 31st:   Women of the Reformation Introduction by Christina Langella
    November 1:    Katharina Von Bora Luther  by Hollie Dermer
     November 2:    Idelette De Bure Calvin  by Persis Lorenti
     November 3:    Anna Reinhard Zwingli  by Norma Tochijara
     November 4:    Joan Waste by Diana Lovegrove
     November 5:    Anne Bradstreet by Elizabeth Debarros
     November 7:    RenĂ©e de France by Barbara Ann Wyatt
     November 8:    Katherina Schutz Zell  by Christina Langella
     November 9:    Argula Von Gumbach and- Eizabeth of Braunschweig by Barbara Thayer
     November 10:  Jeanne d'Albret  by Deejay O’Flaherty
     November 11:  Olympia Fulvia Morata by Petra Hefner
     November 12:  Lady Jane Grey by Becky Pliego
     November 14:  Catherine of Willoughby  by Trisha Poff
     November 15:  Anne Askew by Diane Bucknell
(1) Mrs. Annie Wittenmyer, The Women of the Reformation (New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1885), 5.
This series was originally posted at  Christina Langella’s  Heavenly Springs blog  for  the "Women of the Reformation."
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