Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Secrets of Happy Home Life

"What are some of the secrets of happy home life?  The answer might be given in one word—Christ.   Christ at the marriage-altar; Christ on the bridal journey; Christ when the new home is set up; Christ when the baby is born; Christ when a child dies; Christ in the pinching times; Christ in the days of plenty; Christ in the nursery, in the kitchen, in the parlor; Christ in the toil and in the rest; Christ along all the years; Christ when the wedded pair walk toward the sunset gates; Christ in the sad hour when farewells are spoken, and one goes on before and the other stays, bearing the unshared grief. Christ is the secret of happy home life."  by J. R. Miller

James Russell Miller  (1840 – 1912) "Secrets of Happy Home Life" 1894
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  1. Love this...because it's true. Hope you're having a good week and enjoying the grandkids!

  2. So true! We need Him at all times! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have the book where this quote comes from and I remember it well. However, thanks for the reminder. Without Christ, we would have no hope.


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